In the Ocean of hs endless Eyes

Oblivion when descended on the dead tress:

No whisper No chirrup

No bird of autumn

Neither ugliness nor beauty

If anything the aura stared plain...

Happiness neither sadism

Nothing save numbness described my heart.

Truth or illusion; no mirror can reflect...

Neither desire to live nor lobe for death.

Plainness and Calmness

Numbness and Silence;

The descended oblivion, the stoned me...

From the fades, emerged deep eyes;

Ocean's depth and sea's vastness.

A voyage that calls a million years...

Closer by bits, the eyes blinked...

Artistic lips and carved brows.

Heaved the coldness in the breath

Broke the numbness; strand by strand...

Absolute beauty; he:

Touched our skin

Cold to warm...

Iced fingers in rhythm crossed the magical.

Some old sound clicked the air

Rhyming sound but long lost:

The heart was beating;

Yet again...

Thus lived I, My two-and-a-half days;

When descended the oblivion on the trees.

Of oblivion; eternity is abstraction...

Love but has a tenure shortest:


As descendence dripped the sigh of vanishment

The magical fingers undid mine

Warmth fumed and joined the sighs

Like the lost shimmer in the blood

Bit by bit, strand by strand Numbness rejuvenated.

Lips hued and face tinged

The eyes but retained the deepest depths...

As he became a shade and shadow

I still was locked in his eyes

Captured I was in his mesmerization

I but was preoccupied with some familiarity;

Higher and deeper, darker and denser

The waves in his eyes reflected Whirlpool

A drowning soul made no battle

Drowning but in fancy and gaiety

The soul seemed familiar

The smile known

The hair owned

The lips spoken;

As the eyes retuned to oblivion

As the last stroke of hue

Was about to vanish in the sigh:

I did recognize:

It was my soul that was taken

In the ocean of his endless eyes.


Dhaar Mehak
(Is a free lance writer and an undergraduate economics student)